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Ink-lands, Wastelands, all the same.


Limbo is a wetland flowing with Impure Alchemy, "Ink" as dubbed by the greater demon-population. When demons are spawned in Inkpits, they develop mostly humanoid forms, however in the Land of Limbo, instead of the chilling, violent creatures enveloped with their sins. You are likely to either find very neutral demons, or monsters formed of souls and ink enveloped in a feral sense. But besides that, the environments of Limbo are mostly demon-made, cities and structures resembling the Mortal Realm pop up here and there though most are moot, the element of pain in Limbo comes in how anti-social most Limbospawns are, leaveing their land up for grabs to the other demon population.

Impure Alchemey AKA Ink is a substance found all through out the Seven Rings of Hell, it is basically liquid potential, able to brewed with various different chemical and material combinations in order to develop into basically about anything, from something as small as a powersource to something as big as living creatures, Ink makes the world of Hell go round and round.

Spawns is the term to define births of demons that come from Inkpits, contrary to popular belief, it's unlikely for one demon to formed from one soul. Once a human soul dies, its liquified into the Ring's Eye, projected high into the sky, filtering souls to the appropriete or approximate locations, once the eye begins to cry into the Inkpits, the souls of various humans are forced together, stronger souls have a higher chance of being combined with less souls. Once the souls are combined, they take the shape of a demon, taking elements of the original soul and binding them to bodies, often times demons have warm skin tones, dark hair, sharp teeth, claws, a tail, and hooved feet. Demons that spawn only have vague memories of their past, depending on the amount of souls they're made up of it can be for the best they don't remember too much as it can overload them.


Loveless affairs blossoming in this urban asylum.


Lust is one of the more developed Rings of Hell, with various colonies on the edge of the ring to incentivize visitors from other rings to come over. Lustspawns target desire, often dealing in direct business but unlike what is commonly suggested, they aren't soley based in sexual acts though they are still strongly associated with it as a form of desire. Anything from dreams, goals, and even other sins falls under Lustspawns list, and so they take bits and pieces of other cultures with them to develop these strange urban environments, sort of ghettoish though with a lot more ink-based machinery in the environment. Leading the cultivation of love potions, toxins, poisons and pharamones, all to attract, allure, and disassemble their targets.

Often times, demons have their main sin encoded into their minds subconciously after spawning. For example, Lustspawns would have a natural sense of desire and take any oppertunity they can to capture it for themselves, mostly being something of physical or emotional gain to hold over others. Due to the similarities in how some sins can be interpreted, they don't encompass their entire characters but instead are blended in as a natural element.

Colonies are packs of demon socities built together by inhabitants of the ring, they're mostly just fending for themselves with settlements with people coming in and out as time goes on. Though there are many that are developed, one big one in the Ring of Lust is "Quarrel" located near the center of the ring, it's one of the biggest demon gatherings for a decent living. It's one of the ones closest to regular life, with the caveat that you are still in hell... Meaning that the fire and brimstone isn't something you can avoid, or the phoenixes, ink creatures and strange black spires that come out of the ground.


A strange world of a royal degree


Gluttony... Many confuse it's definiotn for Greed, however it needs not monetary gain in order to thrive. This ring is built upon various small kingdoms of various warlords fighting and boasting about what they do and don't own, often though they aren't taken seriously by any outsiders, all of them focus their attention near the outside of the ring, far away from the inside. The royal purpose gained from this does supply demons with a healthy amount of food and water in order to live, which is the only reason some of the Gluttonspawns play into the game. It's rare to see any outside of the ring, but when you do, they usually come in packs with underlings. Gluttony also is home to the largest population of fruits, berries, creatures, and crops for demons to harvest in order to survive, often times specific Kingdoms export their goods to other locations.

Kingdoms is a fancy name for the land the Gluttonspawns appropriete, in their needless theatrics and war upon each other. They are bound to eat themselves in a continous cylce of conquest... Though, when they can there are various kingdoms established outside, by more qualified powers. These belong to some Gluttonspawns who had the proper connections to get out, others form some small gangs and go around to cause terror.

What a demon needs to live in this world is actually, pretty simple, Ink is a plentiful resource that can basically act as neutriance and hydration for a demon. Though there are various creatures and berries in Hell the center of it is in Gluttony, when you're part of a kingdom you're well fed and well hydrated, compared to rings like Greed, you can actually survive without scrounging for resources.


Industrial, Incomprehensive, Incompatible.


Smog, Gascious air, and fallen cities, the story of greed is one of war brought upon itself. Originally it was a prosperous environment the greedspawns brought together to collaborate and build the perfect cities and empires, they lived as one of the more peaceful colonies... Until politics began to develop of the future of the environment. Due to the great war, the entire society collpased and it now exists as closed off, mechanical empires and wastelands populated by gangs and those unfortunate enough to not have a home, leading to the tragic environment demons find themselves rotting in. Greedspawns will do anything they can to reach rank, status, and power. Greedspawns become the masters of creating demon contracts in the mortal realm as a result, giving them breathing room in order to gain resources and power.

There was two main colonies of Greed, Lion's Eye and the Elk, they had various cities under their wing distirubing resources amongst themselves and often times stayed seperate, though the two began to... compete. They treated their seperate socieities as manufacturers and began to produce different products, demons living in these cities engaged in positions that made them overworked, treated as slaves to the whelms of the souless powers they fought already in their lifetimes, they grew tired and a revolt took place in Elk, the elites of Lion's Eye and the Elk gathered together and formed a pact to eliminate the workers uprising.

Demons have various special powers that comes with the enhancements of their soul in their new bodies. The one that stands out and directly corolates with the mortal realm is Contracts, demons are able to form contracts amongst themselves or with humans through summoning, astral projection, or direct contact and offer either their abilities, services, possession of a body, and various other options. The other person/demon at the other end is able to forfiet anything as a sacrifice, this can be anything that they own or is under them... This can be objects, money, people, the heiarchy in a demon contract can be very flexibile... For better or for worse.


Blood fills your color palette dearly


In the ruins of empty colonies, Wrathspawns partake in bloodsports and fight for survival daily. This ring is covered in a thick rain that leaves the surface flooded, giant buildings stand strong as clans of demons kill and maim each other for natural resources. Often times due to the high mortality rate, inkpits are scattered into smaller sections resulting in those entering Wrath not to get "Spawnkilled"... Though, this supremely mortal part of the afterlife isn't wasted, Greedspawns often take bets into who survives into the night, drones with cameras attatched stream live footage of Wrath to a broadcast where many spectators throw their share in. Sometimes they'll even fly in supply drops to throw into the ring and rig the "games" even more. Not many Wrathspawns get out due to the thick waterfalls surrounding the ring. Though there's one way out. The River Styx, a constant narrow battlefield that only one demon has escaped... The Satan-King.

The River Styx is a pathway that cuts through a pathway in the Ring of Wrath and into the edge of Greed. Due to it's nature it is hard to breathe in as the smog from Greed overflows into it, and the water becomes unsafe to drink, often people who survive feed entirely off of ink supplies and canisters. Others choose to live in the River and hunt down Ink Creatures for nutrition and hydradtion. The rumor of how the one demon who passed through, the Satan-King, did it was that he covered himself in Ink and began to experiment with his own body to unlock his full potential through alchemy.

The Satan-King, is the self proclaimed title of a one-soul demon. Not much is known about him, other than that in his time as a human he studied a deadly form of martial arts that harnessed energy to obliterate anything with the lift of a finger. Due to having only one soul, this demon remembers he was from his past life. Making him distinctly more knowledgeable than most with only fragments or glimpses at their pasts. He has a fortress built in the Ring of Malice with thousands of demons taken from Inkpits when they first spawn in that he trains into deadly warriors for his army, he plans to conquer the entirety of Hell.


New Skin, Same Hate


The desolate and dreary environment of malice is home to various settlements home to a closed off society painfully stained with bigotry still in their coding, nazis, racists, the kinds of people you'd expect to go to hell have their own section for their self absorbed hatreds, malice contains them artificially. They live by themselves, and keep to themselves, praying on any other spawn that reaches into their area, they are the embodiments of savages and easily is able to reach their most sinful urges. Most Malicespawns are made up of a high count of souls, meaning that a twelve-soul demon is entirely possible and normal. Due to this though, they end up looking very inhuman with more animal like skeletons and weirdly arched legs.

When a demon is pushed to the absolute limit, or influenced by an outside source with chemical reactions. They enter a state thats called a sinful urge, the inner-most deepest desire of the demon will spike out and the demon in question will erupt wildly with a lack of control, sinful urges can be sustained after taking chemicals to subdue one, or it will dissipate over time.

Malice spawns used to roam Hell as free spirits, targetting mostly Lustspawns, Gluttonspawns, and Limbospawns. Often times as part of this prejudice they'd be mistreated, belongings commondeered for themselves, and forced into enslavement. The forces of these three rings decided to unite in order to push Malicespawns back into their own ring, creating a deep border control around it with the help of the enforcement of Treachery..


A Structure of punishment.


Treachery is built like a prison, demons from all over are stuck inside the walls as archangels hold guard of the ring. Most demons are unable to be spawned due to the scar inflicted Ring's Eye but occasionally, a soul will make it through, creating possibly some of the strongest demons, along with the most monsterous. A demon in treachery is subject to a punishment worse than hell's fate, this could lead into permanent soul damage, removal of body parts and organs, or mental traumatization. What matters for the archangels is that they are able to feed off of these demons.

Treachery Section 6042, "The Lagoon" is a secret ink pit setup inside of the facility by a few demons who were lucky enough to dig underground. The conditions of the ring make it so that it is perfect for brewing together materials, so those in treachery use a form of astral projection meditation to bring themselves out of body and influence random demons to send materials over.

There aren't a lot of naturally spawned demons native to Treachery, but the ones who are have one common unique ability. A cunning sense of self smarts and finding ways to make people useful to them, really some of the demons who are brought into hell would be able to run the ring like it was theirs, however the only thing stopping them is the Archangels. That doesn't mean they aren't formidable in fights, physically they aren't the strongest but their demonic abilities are hightened to very lethal levels.