The Omnibus: Humans, Demons, and Angels of all kinds.



Lustspawn born of misjugded sins.

DEMON ABILITIY ; Biorhythm Sense

"You wanna fight? C'mon, let's get down and dirty."

A demon born of the unjust sins of two lovers, and an escapee of hell. Residing in the city of New Velmonn they served only one goal, their own survival. Until one day their world changed as they attempted to steal from Ransohme Industries, the technological powerhouse of New Velmonn. There the blueskinned demon found out about the company sacrificing humans to demon contractors. Wanting no more trouble and discovering appreciation for the lives of lowly humans, Lefty finds themself on a one-demon crusade against R.I's league of demonic assassins and balancing it out with run-ins from an investigator from the PRAYER agency. Life is rough for Lefty, that's why everything they're bound to is hell on earth.

Lefty is a strong two-soul demon with a Biorhythm sense, the ability to feel other people's biorhythms in their body. It can be used many ways, like a lie detector, a sixth sense, or just feeling someone else's emotions... But when you're the hunter and you can see the fear of your prey, you gain the immediate upperhand. Along with this ability, Lefty has a demon-tech weapon caled the Ink-Shot, a pistol that uses a cartridge of liquid impure alchemy as ammunition. Their inhuman strength gives them bone shattering punches, nimble reaction-time and unorthadox fighting strategies with their claws and tail. In turn they're one of the deadliest demons out there, and they'll make sure anyone who gets in their way won't forget that.


A reaper of regrettable choices.

CONTRACT ; Immortality, but at a cost.

“Aren’t you tired of running from me?”

Even demons have their greatest fears, and one of them tends to be the demon hunters lurking the streets - ones dubbed ‘reapers’. After satanic crimes met their highest - law enforcement dedicated funds to a special division intended to handle demon-related crimes, named P.R.A.Y.E.R.

Rose belongs to this division as a reaper and a detective, and takes her job very seriously.. If that wasn’t obvious by her deadpan way of carrying herself, and even her even deadlier precision when it comes to where she strikes, and who she detains. Lefty’s found themselves at the end of her scythe more times to count, and will likely find themselves there even more. Her closed off nature makes her all the more mysterious to the demon, though… it’s almost alluring. Their cat-and-mouse relationship might make her a puzzle that could be solved, though.


CEO, Owner and investor of your soul.

ABILITIY ; Money, lots of money.

"I'd hate to break your little heart. But... let's say your friend here has become my newest asset."

Ivory towers can contain many things, but the blood, guts and glory as Mr.Sohme's fingertips? It's something to behold, the city of New Velmonn is banked off of it's prized posession, Ransohme Industires, a big corporation with their hands in every which field. So of course, the biggest and farthest reaching company in this city is bound to have various levels of corruption. Sohme runs a huge company by day and a crime syndicate by night to obtain ALL the territory of New Velmonn the law won't give to him, he is also the world's biggest demon contract benefactor, so when you see an advertisement asking for a new job position or something about a homelessness support program... You're getting used for a sacrifice for sure.

Sohme's endgame is to make a quick buck off of a propogated war against Hell and Earth, playing both sides and running with the money when the time is right. This was all propogated from the fact his father and various board members tried to do the same thing, but a pair of ecoterrorists decided to set charges and blow up everyone in the room just to destroy the only gateway to hell they had. And miraculously, a 10 year old Sohme survived the explosion, this event traumatized the young man but made him percieve himself as higher up in the world in exchange. With Lady Valentine at his side, he summons demons to do his dirty work at the flick of a switch, and after a strange demon named Lefty begins causing some trouble... He know's who exactly who to call.



Fallen Angel.


“...and you think the others will believe you? … Then so be it. I’ll simply flee once again.”

An angel whose own imperfections doomed them to a life of damnation from the very start. Plagued by their own innate humanity, they could no longer resist the temptation of such delectable sin, and thus fell to degeneracy- torn from their heavenly status, and given full form to live amongst the mortals. Now, they cause mischief on Earth- engaging in deceit and trickery by luring in prominent figures with promises of a fulfilling love; only for them to eventually, abruptly fall into death’s harsh grip. An angelic, pitiful widow is all that remains; crying out for her previous lover. Won’t you fill the ache in her heart?